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Right next door to Bunker Bay, Sjelley Cove is a sensational small beach with a rocky cliff backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  Being a cove, you have protection from both sides and you can have your ceremony on the beach, or on the rocky base.  A small carpark will cater for your guests well so they don’t have to walk far.

Most people set up a couple of tables and eskys with drinks so you can have some fun there when mingling.

The point being built on natural boulders sets as an exceptional base for bridal party photos.

This beach being off the main track, is secluded and in most cases you would not have general public as part of your wedding ceremony. All beaches are public access so no matter where your ceremony is, you may be faced with the general public in the background.  You should also check with the local council to ensure that you can have a wedding ceremony there, and to ensure that there isn’t a major sporting or social event on the day.

You should consider shade on the day, this can be natural trees or you may need to bring in your own umbrellas.  You can speak to your wedding planner or wedding hire company about sun umbrellas.

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