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Photo Booth hire for your Margaret River Wedding is a great idea

Margaret River is a stunning location to choose to hold your wedding. From the gorgeous beaches, towering Karri trees, amazing wineries, to the magical caves and gardens. Where ever you choose in Margaret River you are guaranteed a stunning result. So why not extend the photographic  fun and variety to a photo booth at your wedding reception venue!

A photo booth can transform any quiet corner of your reception venue into a hub of laughter and excitement for your friends and family. It can bring guests together, break the ice, make photo sharing with guests easier, provide a great take-away for guests, and create a whole lot of fun and memories for the night.

A photo booth will take the entertainment at your wedding to the next level. And a good supplier will ensure that your guests walk away with a unique memento of your wedding in the form of personalised photo strips. You will also be able to keep a copy of all the photos taken on the night, get creative with fun themes, enjoy custom printing with your names on them, and even allow guests to insert their pictures into a guest book for you. There really are some amazing reasons to get on board with a photo booth for your Margaret River wedding.

Here you will find out some great reasons why photo booths in Margaret River are taking off, what you can expect from the services in the region, and to go about hiring a booth for your wedding day.

So why should you really hire a photo booth?

Variety is the spice of life

Photographers can sometimes be considered expensive if you are on a strict budget. So maybe you don’t need the photographer there the whole night? It might be more economical for you to let the photographer go home early after the formalities are over and let the guests have all the fun in the photo booth!

On another note, it can also be a great idea to have both a formal photographer to capture all the moments of the evening, and have the photo booth to catch all the candid and novelty fun that ensues. Why not get all angles of the evening recorded, after all it is your wedding day!

An ice breaker like no other

Weddings although very fun for guests, can start off a little stiff sometimes. Guests don’t know each other, the crowd is big, and there are many unknown faces around. The photo booth can be the perfect ice breaker for your crowd to loosen up early and get the celebrations started!

What better way to get chatting than whilst getting ready to step into a photo booth or getting together for a group shot with the other guests. There may be some new found friendships, new faces to names, and even new romances blossoming around the booth.

Our tip is have the booth set it up in a visible location for guests to see as soon as they arrive, then they won’t be able to resist the positive draw of the booth. The fun props and smiles will quickly replace any uncertainty and shyness amongst the crowd!

It’s a unique experience

Many couples use the opportunity of the photo booth to create a unique experience for their guests. They do this with props relating to their favourite things, themed props, fun dress ups, and even personalised props that take the guests through their dating history! After all, it’s all about celebrating the happy couple.

A great photo booth will also supply a range of backdrops, from the classically romantic to the fun and quirky, patterned, or natural backgrounds of the scenery at your Margaret River reception venue. You can also arrange for a green screen set up with your chosen supplier where you can insert just about anything you wish for your guests to pose in front of.

The hard evidence

A wedding photo booth gives your guests a wonderful gift to take with them from your wedding day. They get to keep their photo strips and do with them as they please. Most of the time they end up stuck with pride on guests’ fridges or carefully added to scrap books as a lasting reminder of a great day and night.

Guests can also be asked to leave a strip for the bride and groom in a guest book next to the photo booth. Many couples like to have this ready, with pens and blank spaces in the book for heart-felt messages to be written from guests. This is a great keepsake for the couple to look back on after the day is over.

Of course your prints will all have a customised ‘logo’ on them of your names and wedding date, or whatever else you would like to say and include.

Social social social

Social media is a large part of our lives whether you are deeply involved or not. Guests love to share photos and show their friends and followers what a wonderful time they are having at your wedding. You will likely have a steady stream of photos coming out of your wedding day.

What better way to harness this than with photo booth technology which allows guests to immediately upload photos taken from the booth. Many couples ask their guests to use a hashtag for photos also which is a great way to collate all the online images taken by the booth and by guests.

Embrace the social and technology elements and collect even more photos to remember your day with!

And so much fun!

Okay so one of the huge reasons our couples love wedding photo booths in Margaret River is the hours of fun they bring to the guests! You can get props involved, fun posing, and lots of laughter happening very quickly. What better way to embrace the celebration of your wedding day than with a fun-filled wedding photo booth experience. Your guests will love you for it.

Photo Booth Features

The latest trend in photo booths involves the ‘open booth’ which is, as the name states, open and not enclosed in an actual booth-like space. This means that more guests can fit into photos, more fun can be had, a greater variety of backgrounds is available, and larger and more exciting props can be used!

You will see these set up with a lovely draping background (or whatever you choose to have), with some props ready and to the side, and camera operator in front ready to take the fun wedding snaps.

The service of a common wedding photo booth begins with set up. All that is required from you is a small space and some access to power – meaning it can be set up inside or outside. It also includes a professional and skilled booth operator that will be with your from start to finish. And then concludes with a pack down of all the equipment.

Some couples like to have the booths set up outside in the warmer months and especially during the day time, so guests can enjoy the beautiful Margaret River surroundings. Others prefer the set up to be inside.

The most common background for weddings trending right now is a silver draping backdrop with themed props.

Photos are of course always supplied to the bride and groom post-event so you can see all of the wonderful pictures taken at your wedding. Setting up and packing down maximises the time of usage for guests as the booth is there on arrival and gone only after the guests leave. It’s not something that you will ever have to worry about on the day.

Most suppliers provide these features, upgrades or a combination of them:

  • Unlimited prints
  • Custom photo strips to match invites and themes
  • Props
  • Quality backgrounds, draping and scenes
  • Immediate social uploads
  • Customised frames
  • Magnetic backings
  • The fastest of DySub technology printers to help make for a seamless event

Rather than using a webcam style camera in the enclosed booths, an open booth has the advantage of the supplier taking photos with a professional DSLR camera. This provides a much higher quality image and also allows the photographer to get a little creative and get the best out of the guests.

So include something extra memorable and unique at your event for your guests. A professionally operated wedding photo booth will do the trick quite well!

How to hire a photo booth in Margaret River

So you have come this far and decided that a photo booth for you wedding is going to be perfect. Now what? Well we know that operators of photo booths in Margaret River are top notch. With plenty of variety to choose from – open or enclosed. Here are a few tips for choosing the right one for your wedding:

  • Ask questions – If you are not sure, don’t be shy to ask!
  • Make it clear what you expect
  • Decide on a time for set up and pack down
  • Tell the operator where you want the booth set up
  • Communicate with the supplier about the location – they might have suggestions to maximise the use of the photo booth
  • Decide on the theme, props and backgrounds
  • Ask them if they can supply a personalised print strip and finalise the design with them
  • Choose a hashtag and advise guests of it before the event

A professional photo booth operator will be aware of many of the locations in and around Margaret River. From Leewin Estate, to Wise Winery, Bunker Bay Resort, or Voyager Estate. This knowledge of the region means they will likely be able to suggest the perfect spot at your reception venue to set up the booth.

Photo booths will showcase your wedding day

What better way to capture all of those joyous and candid guest moment than with a professional photo booth. They can really add some fun and excitement and more activity to your wedding day. They are all professionally operated and offer a truly personalised way for your guests to remember your wedding day for many years to come.

People will be taking photos of your wedding day on their own smartphones all day and night long. However, these photos will disappear over time and fade of into cyberspace eventually after posting. Hashtags will help you collate these much easier. However, the benefit of having the photo booth means that all of the family and friends personalised photos will be collated in one easy way for you to keep forever on a USB post event.

Guests true personalities will shine, and you and your guests get to keep a memento of the day too in the form of photo strips. All of our operators also regularly keep up with the latest in wedding photo booth technology so you can rest assured that your wedding will be captured

Depending on what you want out of the booth, whether you just want a small setup in the corner, or a big festive booth for guests to go wild in – we are confident you will find a supplier amongst the Margaret River Wedding Directory photo booth operators. Don’t hesitate to take a browse now and contact one of our suppliers today about your Margaret River wedding photo booth like Spoilt Photo Booths or view our PhotoBooth Category

Wedding day fun with a Margaret River photo booth hire

Are you organising a wedding in the beautiful Margaret River region of W.A.? Perhaps you’re looking for that unique touch that will have the wedding guests talking about the event for years to come. To give the event that touch of magic have you considered a Margaret River photo booth hire service?

Imagine the fun and laughter a photo booth will create at a wedding reception with guests able to leave messages to the bride and groom in the wedding reception book with their individual portraits?

I operate a photo booth service for weddings and ceremonies based in the Margaret River region which will provide you with that fun factor at a special discounted price. The photo booth provides instant photos of guests which can be kept as a memento of the occasion, or shared with people.

However my Margaret River photo booth hire service at Spoilt Photo Booths is not just suited to weddings. I am happy to provide photo booths / pods for school balls, corporate events, wedding anniversaries and special birthday events.

What you will get with the Margaret River photo booth hire package

  • A range of backdrops. When you hire my service you will get the choice of a number of backdrops and fun props should you wish to add that option.
  • Discounted price. I am currently offering a generous discount on this service that will be suited for every budget.
  • Professionally operated. I am a professional photographer and will set up and run the booth for your special event.
  • Latest in technology. My photo booth service has the latest technology and has the most up-to-date booths in the Perth region. Our software allows easy sharing of photos, including through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Artwork. You can choose from a variety of custome made prints to suit the occasion as well as pens and other decorative material for people to write their messages.

The Margaret River photo booth hire company at Spoilt Photo Booths is suited to anywhere where you have a gathering of people and want to create an instant and unique memory for the guests. Take advantage of my discounted photo booth to create that fantastic atmosphere at your next major gathering be it a wedding, a function, a birthday or with a crowd of friends. I am committed to helping you and your guests have a fun night with the extra entertainment of a photo booth or pod bound to break the ice and turn it into a memorable event.

You can also contact Spoilt Photo Booths for your Margaret River Photo Booth hire.

Margaret River Wedding Guide

If you’re getting married in the gorgeous Margaret River region, you’re in the right place to make planning for your big day as easy as possible. We know how stressful wedding planning can be, from co-ordinating different vendors to work with, to finding the dress, shoes and flowers you love and booking the perfect location, there is a lot to organise.

The Margaret River Wedding Guide is here to help you plan all of these things with minimal stress and work, so you can enjoy the lead up to your special day. This is your hub for everything wedding related in Margaret River. You don’t need to spend countless hours searching online for different vendors to find what you need and compare them. Margaret River Wedding Directory has taken care of the hard work by listing all of the best vendors right here on the one site.

We also feature some beautiful real weddings that have taken place in the region to give you inspiration for your big day.

Here’s just a few of the great wedding suppliers you can find here:


Finding the right photographer would have to be one of the most important things to plan for your wedding day. The photos taken on the day are the one thing that will keep the emotions and memories alive forever, and will capture all of the beautiful details you’ve put so much effort into creating for your dream wedding.

Check out wedding photographers

Ceremony and reception locations and venues

There are so many gorgeous locations and venues throughout the Margaret River region that are perfect for an amazing wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a coastal location, winery, beautiful garden setting, private estate or a world class resort, we have all of these and more on the site. Or if you haven’t decided on what sort of location or venue you want for your wedding, have a browse through them all for ideas and inspiration.

Check out Ceremony & Receptions


Find the flowers for the all important bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, table centrepieces and aisle decorations with our list of florists in the area who love to provide gorgeous flowers for weddings.

Check out florists

DJ’s and music

The wedding reception entertainment isn’t complete without a DJ or band to play the music you love, will set the mood at the right time and get your guests up and dancing. You can also find DJ’s who MC to take care of keeping the reception flowing.

Check out DJs

Limos and wedding cars

You can’t beat the luxury of being chauffeur driven in a limousine or classic wedding car on the big day; this is one service not to be missed if you want to get around in style without any stress. With a range of limousine providers in our wedding guide, you’re sure to find the cars that are perfect for your wedding.

Check out Wedding limos and cars

Have a browse through these and the other categories of wedding suppliers on the site, and you’ll be well on your way to planning your Margaret River wedding with as much ease as possible.


Your guide to Margaret River wedding venues

Are you looking to get married in an unforgettable location? Perhaps you should consider the beautiful Margaret River, south of Perth. One of the state’s chief wine growing areas, the region is also a popular place for weddings and wedding receptions. There are a number of Margaret River wedding venues to cater for the growing interest.

Keeping up with the number of venues though is almost a full time job if you’re organising that Margaret River wedding, however luckily there’s a directory that will not only list Margaret River wedding venues but a whole host of other necessary information to make that day a success.

Margaret River Wedding Directory has a comprehensive listing of the following:

  • Margaret River wedding venues.
  • Margaret River reception locations. From beaches to wineries to wilderness the Margaret River region has stunning choices for reception locations.
  • Margaret River wedding photographers. Experienced and reliable, the directory lists the best wedding photographers in the region.
  • Wedding videographers. Would you like a video made of the wedding and reception? Check the listing for our extensive list of videographers.
  • Limo and car hire in the Margaret River region. What special wedding wouldn’t be complete without the bride stepping out of that stunning limousine? Check the listing for a range of limo hire Margaret River companies.
  • Hair and make-up specialists. For those extra touches that make all the difference.
  • Music DJs. A great list of experienced DJs is made available in the listing covering your preferred styles.

Making wedding organisation easier

Margaret River wedding directory gives you all the information you need to know if you are charged with the task of organising a wedding, whether it be your own, or that of a family member member or friend.

Finding the right Margaret River wedding venues for your needs is, of course, just the start. There’s so much to think about when you’re organising that very special wedding ceremony. Allow the Margaret River wedding directory to take a the guesswork out of the planning by giving you a comprehensive listing from which to work. Think of the time and money that will be saved by using this directory.

From finding the best Margaret River wedding venues to suit your needs to getting that limo hire Margaret River company spot on, to hiring the right wedding photographer, the Margaret River wedding directory can help make that wedding very special. Please see what we have to offer on our website.

Margaret River Wedding Reception Locations

One of the hardest parts of selecting the right venue for your wedding reception is to find the exact match for your needs. Finding one that suits the number of guests; has the right views and location; has great food and service; is a short distance from the ceremony location and is within your budget is of the paramount importance for a successful celebration. Luckily there are a wide range of Margaret River wedding reception locations from which to choose, all of which will take advantage of the natural surrounds of one of the more popular regions for visitors in the state.

Margaret River is known for its rugged and picturesque coastline and world class wineries. Many of these wineries and private estates host weddings and wedding receptions and this option will help make for an unforgettable occasion.

Some selected Margaret River wedding reception locations include

  • Wise Winery
  • Palmer Wines
  • Leeuwin Estate
  • Watershed Wines


Wise Winery

With sweeping ocean views of Eagle Bay and boasting award-winning wines, Wise Winery offers friendly service to complement its unique location. Check out Wise Winery

Palmer Wines

Located in Dunsborough, in the Margaret River region, Palmer Wines offers a range of venues to suit every reception need. From formal black tie occasions to a more informal lounge bar atmosphere, the winery gives you the option to choose according to your requirements. Check out Palmer Wines

Leeuwin Estate

Located in the spectacular surrounds between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, Leeuwin Estate is as much admired as a wedding reception location as it is for its famous wines. Leeuwin Gold Plate award winning restaurant, with a view to surrounding karri forests, will seat up to 110 guests, which may be expanded to 250 in connected seating on the restaurant’s verandah.

Watershed Wines

Watershed Wines understand the individual nature of each wedding and wedding reception. Allow their Functions Co-ordinator and Head Chef to help you plan the wedding reception of your dreams.

Perhaps hiring a marquee with catering at a winery is a good alternative? The setting of the grounds of a Margaret River winery or private estate would provide an excellent backdrop for the wedding photographs and a marquee may well prove to be a more economical option than hiring a room or restaurant.

The Margaret River Wedding Directory will help provide you with a number of choices for Margaret River wedding reception locations, ones that will make your wedding ceremony and reception both comfortable and memorable.

Bridal Make Up Advise

Getting make up done for your wedding day is part of the amazing ritual of being a bride. One of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day is choosing who will have the honour of perfecting your look.  Your guests, family, friends, and your groom will remember you this way for the rest of your lives and you will be documented in every photo and video that will last a lifetime. Choosing the right make-up artist is vital.

On our website you can view Bridal Make Up Artist who service the Margaret River region.

Before you start looking

Before you start making a list of potential make-up artists it is important to decide if you would like them to come to you or if you want to go to a salon or counter. This will help you decide if you need to look at freelance professionals or salons. Also decide if you want hair and make-up at the same place. These are all a matter of convenience for the bride and her bridal party depending on the locations available to you for getting ready.  Many make-up artists will offer bridal hair as a service also.

What to look for

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential choices there are some questions you should ask of them:

  • Ask to see to see their portfolio or look at their webpage for examples of work. This will help you see if they have a style which suits what you are looking for or if they have special skills you might want to try.
  • Ask them if they have any package deals for multiple bookings
  • Find out about prices and deposits
  • Ask them how long each make-up application will take so you can plan the rest of the day
  • Ask them what brands of make-up they use
  • Advise them of any allergies to products and if they have other make-up options or if you can perhaps provide your own if necessary.

Some make-up artists for example specialise in air-brush foundations which leave a photo-shopped finish on the skin.  Others may have a fantastic technique for eye make-up you have spotted and can show you how it looks on you or your bridal party.

Make-up trials

Most brides do a few trials before they find ‘the one’ that they will choose.  Trials are a great as they will give you a chance to meet the potential make-up artist, try looks, and make any necessary changes to colours or effects for the big day.  A trial will generally always costs less than the wedding day make-up.

Do not be discouraged if you have to have a few trials before you arrive at your choice, it is all part of the fun of wedding preparations and make-up is a very personal thing which you must be comfortable and happy with for your day. Contact as many artists as you feel you need to and ask as many questions as possible and you will be guaranteed to find one that fits.

When you go for your make-up trial, if you have in mind what you would like, be as specific as you can with the description to the artist.  The better you communicate across what you need, the happier you will be with the final result.  It is a great idea to take magazine clippings or save photos on your smart phone as examples.  Whilst the artist is doing your trial, stop and look at the make-up in front of a mirror a few times and ask them to make any adjustments until you are happy.  Take a picture and keep it for later.

Your make-up artist will usually spend some time with you at the trial getting an idea of your personality and listening to what you have envisioned for your day.  This is a sign of a good make-up artist.  She will then take into account your skin-tone, hair colour, and eye colour, along with any themes you have chose for the day and your personal style.  Be willing to listen to what the make-up artist has to suggest as she will consider all of these factors and suggest options to bring out your best features and style for your wedding day.

Make-up styles

There are few general styles of make-up many brides use for their wedding day and different styles go in and out of fashion.  Here are a few you may have already seen or be considering:

  • Vintage – which encompasses red lips, lace, and headwear
  • Glamorous – think Hollywood starlets with dramatic eyes and sparkle
  • Natural – very understated and soft look, natural waves for hair and using subtle colours for the face such as browns and pinks to enhance your natural features without taking over.
  • ‘Bridal’ look – this is the most popular look that brides choose. It sits between glamorous and natural, with greys and pastels for eyes, and pink lips with gorgeous wavy or lightly curled hair pinned in romantic styles.

Benefits of a professional

Hiring a professional make-up artist means hiring someone to take the responsibility off your shoulders and present you to the world looking the best you can.  They can offer techniques and skills which we don’t all have and suggest ideas and trends which we may not have thought of.  They will also make sure the make-up lasts all day long as they are used to working with brides and bridal parties.

Photography generally takes colour out of your complexion and a good make-up artist will know this and apply the right contouring effects and shades of make-up that will bring out your beauty and also photograph well. You will be able to sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing that you are in good hands and can enjoy every moment without a make-up worry.

A make-up artist will also be able to service your bridal party and make sure they all have that desirable uniform appearance.  You can also offer make-up to the mother-of-the-bride or mother-in-law-to-be and a little bit of gloss and natural shadow to involve the little flower girls faces is often common practice too.

On your wedding day, you are in the spot-light. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle and look into the eyes of your husband-to-be at the end.  Do not under-estimate the effects of great bridal make-up, it can create such a beautiful effect and it is your day to treat yourself and indulge in the rituals of being a bride.

On our website you can view Bridal Make Up Artist who service the Margaret River region.

Capture the essence of your Margaret River wedding with a great team

The Margaret River region is such a beautiful location for your wedding day.  The area has endless stunning locations to hold your ceremony or reception and provides the most amazing backdrop for romance.  It would be ideal to keep the essence of your wedding day with you forever.  And the best way to ensure you can look back on the romantic detail is with a great team to capture the day.  If you combine photography, video, and the spontaneity of photo booths for your wedding, you are sure to capture the true spirit of the day.

Margaret River for your wedding day

The wineries and vineyards in Margaret River will take your breath away with their rolling hills and rows upon rows of succulent vineyards.  The photo opportunities are endless in Margaret River.  From the magic of the vineyards to the pearly white sandy beaches and enchanting towering karri forest trees – there really are lifelong memories to be made around every corner.

In Margaret River you can choose from locations such as:

  • Picturesque wineries and vineyards
  • Magical gardens
  • Stunning crystal blue beaches and bays
  • Historical karri tree forests
  • Beautiful caves
  • Some of the finest world-class restaurants

Some of the world-class renowned wineries include Aravina Estate, Wise Winery, and Voyager Estate.  However Margaret River provides you will over 150 choices for wineries to visit and potentially use as a romantic backdrop for your wedding day.

Margaret River Wedding Photos
The stunning pearly white sand, and crystal blue waters of the beaches in Margaret River are also the perfect location for your wedding ceremony.  You will want to capture every angle of this beautiful scenery on your wedding day.

You can ensure that your day is as seamless and stress-free as possible by engaging a team consisting of a photographer, videographer, and photo booth.

Hire a great team in Margaret River

A great wedding photographer can capture the moments of your wedding day in still-time and to keep forever.  A videographer can ensure that you do not miss a second of how your day went with perfect clarity and a photo-booth adds the fun times and spontaneity that every wedding should have.

Photo booths are a great idea for your wedding. They really take the entertainment to the next level, and Spoilt Weddings photo booths ensure your guests walk away with a unique memento of your wedding to keep and share.  You can also choose a theme for you photo booth for added fun, with props, backdrops, custom prints with your names on them, unlimited photo strips, and art supplies so guests can leave the married couple a memento too.

By engaging a professional team in Margaret River to cover your wedding day, you will ensure that you have all angles, all of the day’s events, and all locations covered and captured for you to share and look back on in the future.  One supplier means less problems trying to organize your day.

Can you image how wonderful your Margaret River video will look shot from multiple angles, with a videographer at the brides location at the same time as the grooms, and photographers capturing the exact same moments in still detail.

A beautiful comprehensive coverage of your wedding day will ensure that the atmosphere, emotion, and style of the occasion is captured in a way that will transport you back to the exact moments of your day when you view the photos and video.

A well-oiled team will take the stress away from your day.  Choose a team that knows the region well and has experience in the area, at the venues, and with each other also.

Often you will book a photographer and videographer, or photo booth separately.  However then you will have the added burden of trying to synchronise the three and communicate between them.  It is much easier to choose a team that already is familiar with each other and that can work to make your day run seamlessly.  All of your needs are outlined before the big day, and you will barely know you have someone there capturing every moment, leaving you to enjoy the day for all that is it.

Spoilt Weddings team have extensive experience in Margaret River and a team that is ready to accommodate your wedding needs.  Give us a call today and we will be happy to chat about what kind of team you need to cover your day.


How to Plan a Perfect Margaret River Wedding Day

How to plan a perfect Margaret River wedding day

Once all the celebrations have died down from your engagement it is time to start planning your wedding. This may seem like a huge task ahead of you – however it does not have to be!

You have chosen one of the most picturesque and stunning locations to have your wedding day, the amazing South West region around Margaret River. By using the largest directory available for Margaret River wedding resources you will be able to plan your perfect day.

There are many different things to consider and plan, and a large directory will provide you with plenty of choice in order to find the perfect provider for each part of the wedding. Whilst all of our suppliers might not be locals to the area, they do operate in Margaret River because they love the region as much as you do. Rather than limiting your choices to local providers, we have selected the best of the best in surrounding areas and Perth that will also come to Margaret River or the town of your choice for your day.

Where do I start?

You can find a supplier by selecting the location of your wedding. The locations covered in our extensive Margaret River Wedding Directory include:

  • Albany
  • Denmark
  • Augusta
  • Bridgetown
  • Bunbury
  • Bunker Bay
  • Busselton
  • Donnybrook
  • Dunsborough
  • Eagle Bay
  • Esperance
  • Forest Grove
  • Grace Town
  • Manjimup
  • Margaret River
  • Pemberton
  • Margaret River

Each location has its own amazing reasons for having your wedding day. From Margaret Rivers’ amazing wineries and vineyards, to Bunker Bay beaches, and Pemberton’s stunning Karri Valley forests. You are sure to make the perfect decision of where to hold you day in the South West.

Margaret River Wedding Directory Resources

After you have had your initial discussions with your fiancé regarding your style, requisites, and budgets for the overall wedding it is time to put together a plan for each aspect.

Lock down your venue

It is important to decide on a date range and select where you want to hold your wedding. Whether it is a traditional church wedding, winery, a beach, a function room, or a gorgeous forest backdrop, you will be able to find the perfect venue in our categories covering:

Venues usually require a deposit to lock in your date, and final payment just before the wedding date. In the mean time you can generally book in for menu tastings and decide on the food for the day and advise the venue of numbers on final payment.

Lock down the people involved

Once this is sorted out, you will know the date and location for all of the service providers on the day. These include:


If your function venue or reception area does not provide food (such as a garden party or beach reception) you will need to book in catering. Think about what you and your partner like to eat, if you want sit down meals, or if you would like a cocktail function to determine style of food. Our suppliers will be able to discuss all the options and logistical points with you.

DJ’s and music

We have a fantastic range of DJ’s and live bands that service the Southwest Region. It is important to book them in early to get the type of entertainment you want.

Hair and Makeup

In order to look your best on your wedding day, book in only the best hair stylist and make-up artist. We have plenty of talented providers to choose from. When selecting a hair and makeup artist it is best practice to have a trial run to see how it will look on the day.

Limos and Cars

Limos and Wedding Cars need to be booked in as soon as you have the date in place. We have a very wide selection for our Margaret River and South West directory users to choose from. Whether it is a classic car, or a modern Chrysler Limo, we have them all under one category for you to browse.


You need to be perfectly comfortable with the celebrant you choose for your day so it is wise to meet them beforehand or at least speak over the phone, Skype, or request a sample of their work via video.   The celebrants in the Margaret River Wedding Directory can guide you through your day, give you advice on legal documents, and can also provide a full service performing the ceremony also.

Record your wedding day

On the big day you will find that everything goes by so quickly. It is great to sit down after the wedding and see photos, watch the video, and checkout your guest book with fun photos taken in the photo booth. You can find amazing suppliers to make up your team in our categories for:

Choose your decorations

You will likely have an idea in your mind about what you want your day to look like, and if you don’t you can always hire a wedding planner to organise it all for you. You can also liaise with the wedding planner regarding any of the preferred suppliers you like from the Margaret River Wedding Directory. You can peruse:

Organise your guests

It is likely that if you are not a local to Margaret River or the South West, that your guests will not be either. They will require accommodation, as well as yourself needing a luxurious wedding suite. Be sure to book this as soon as you have a date for your wedding so you can tell your hair and makeup providers where to go on the day, and where you will be collected from for the transport provider. Many accommodation places also provide discount deals for wedding guests, especially if you are also having the wedding there. Check out our Accommodation category for ideas.

Dress yourself

There is no doubt that different brides have different styles and visions for their wedding day. You might have a tight budget, want a simple dress, or want to go all out and wear the most glamorous dress you can find. And when it comes to suits, you can make it easy by hiring from a retailer which supplies to the region. Get these things organised well in advance to avoid disappointment and account for any alterations. Check out our Bridal Wear and Suits section for more info.

When you are planning you need to provide yourself with all the best resources to make sure you don’t miss anything. Margaret River Wedding Directory is the largest of its kind and is dedicated to the Margaret River region and surrounds alone. All of our suppliers are locals or travel to the region to supply the services because they love being in the area and love getting involved in weddings.

If you need help with your wedding day, just jump on to the Margaret River Wedding Directory and let us help you sort out your day.