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Jasmine and Trevor's Wedding at Caves House


Wedding Suppliers

Wedding Ceremony: Caves House (Yallingup)

Wedding Reception: Caves House (Yallingup)

Wedding Photographer: Absolute and Alive Photography

Wedding Celebrant: Paula Milner

DJ: Choice Music Solutions




Wedding of Trevor and Katie in Margaret River

When I first met Trevor and Katie I knew I was in for a treat. They first visited our studio when they were looking for a wedding photographer to take their wedding photos in Margaret River. From the start I could see this was not going to be a “normal” wedding. The bride and groom had specifically chosen a location in Margaret River. The wedding location was set in the heart of an amazing forest environment with rolling hills all around you; the stunning trees formed a natural canopy all above you.

On the drive Down South it dawned on me that we will be having a bit of a ‘wet’ wedding. Being an outdoor wedding, professional photographers just have to work with what is presented on the day. Your experience and knowledge does assist you in making the most of what the weather throws at you.

The bride’s mother forgot her wedding dress and a Good Samaritan drove a 3 hour detour to go pick it up. Note to brides, make sure you have everything you might need when you have your wedding location in a remote area. It’s an amazing experience to have a wedding in Margaret River and I cannot tell you how excited we are on every wedding shoot we do in Margaret River.

The wedding took place between some of the biggest trees and forest area I have ever seen in WA. The overcast weather assisted us in getting amazing light and before I could hear ‘I DO’, I had already shot 1800 photos! Yay, only very light rain! Being in such natural surroundings, there were just so many options. All I can say is even through I cannot show you all the beautiful wedding photos we took in Margaret River, it was truly an amazing experience.

This will be one of the most memorable weddings for me. Just to name a few, the bridge incident, the bride sliding down the Fireman’s pipe, the fireworks display, the local band and the party I stayed at till 3am! Truly an amazing wedding, wedding couple and location.

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Erravilla Estate Wedding - Kate & Rhett

The beautiful Erravilla Estate in the heart of the Margaret River wine region provided the perfect backdrop for Kate and Rhett’s rustic, country wedding which was a delight to be a part of.

Rhett had taken the tradition of not seeing his bride until the ceremony on their wedding a little further by not seeing her a whole week leading up to the big day. They both got ready at Erravilla Estate, and we managed to get some great shots of them right from the start of the day, while still keeping the Bride and Groom from seeing each other.

From the very first photos of the beautiful bride Kate and her five bridesmaids getting ready in the morning, and Rhett and his groomsmen having their photos taken outside in the field, to the last ones taken at the reception, the location proved perfect for the country theme. The rustic style was executed wonderfully throughout the whole event with all sorts of touches including hay bales for seating, burlap on the reception tables, timber signs, horse shoes displaying the table numbers and Kate’s Dads cowboy hat. The biggest statement of all had to be the cowboy boots that Kate and the bridesmaids wore, it was a balance of rustic boots meets glamorous dresses, and I imagine a very comfortable choice for getting around the property.

As with all outdoor weddings, the weather can have an impact on the events of the day. We were lucky to have perfect weather for most of it, but just before the ceremony was going to take place among the trees at the back of the property, the rain came. To move the day along without too much delay, alternate arrangements were made to have the ceremony under cover in the marquee which was set up for the reception. Just when the indoor area was ready to be used, the rain stopped.  With clear skies, the ceremony was moved outdoors to continue the day as planned and the only drops of water in sight were from Rhett’s eyes. The ceremony was full of emotion, and the strong bond Kate and Rhett have was so obviously evident.

The wedding cars on this day weren’t just for show, though they did provide the opportunity for some unique photos with the wedding party. Taking advantage of the large property, the cars provided fun and entertainment for everyone at the wedding. We were given a show of burnouts and a bit of a race between the bride and groom. The cars were also a special touch, because Rhett built them both, with the red Mustang being restored as a wedding gift to Kate. With the help of Rhett’s mates, it was finished just in time the night before the wedding. What a great momento of their wedding day to have sitting in the garage for years to come.

With around 120 guests to cater for, Kate with the help of her sister, pulled off the marquee wedding reception brilliantly. It of course had the country charm in all aspects, even the cake stand was rustic – made from a section of tree trunk, it displayed the cake beautifully. We witnessed an amazing day at Erravilla Estate, with the reception being no exception to this.

Wedding Photographer: Peter from Margaret River Wedding Photographer on this site or

Contact Erravilla Estate – Margaret River

Kat & Chris' Wedding at Will's Domain (Yallingup)

We had an absolute blast at Kat and Chris’ wedding. We supplied wedding photography, video and photo booth on the night.

Our day started with the boys in a Dunsborough hotel for the boys prep where all the boys had a great time in prepping Chris for his big day.  Following on to the girls Kate had her bride’s maids helping out on the day to get her ready.  Kate looked stunning in her dress.

Wedding ceremony was in Dunsborough at Our Lady of the Southern Cross Catholic Church.

Our wedding photos started at Eagle Bay beach where we had loads of fun. Our second stop was on our way to Wills Domain where what the whole Margaret River region is known for is the beautiful over hanging trees on a deserted road exist.  With their Jaguar wedding limos also featured in the street photos the couple had a great time and we got some great photos.

Once we got to Wills Domain Winery we took out group shot first of all and then took advantage of the scenery on the hill looking back at the restaurant (reception venue).  We had an absolutely amazing sunset on the day and utilised it as it was setting of the opposing winery hill.

Their wedding reception was something different, Chris used to sing when he was younger, and during the night out of the blue he started to sing and walked onto the dance floor and pin pointed Kate and stared to dance with her while singing – it was a sensational moment for all especially Kate. All the guests had a blast in our photo booth and it was busy all night long.

Kate and Chris’ wedding Suppliers

Wedding Ceremony: Our Lady of the Southern Cross (Dunsborough)

Wedding Reception: Wills Domain Winery (Yallingup)

Photography: Spoilt Weddings

Video: Spoilt Weddings

Photo Booth: Spoilt Weddings

Cars: Majestic Jaguars Limousine Service

DJ: DJ Swami

Indoor Wedding at Abbey Beach Resort

When you marry in the South West of WA, in the Margaret River Region, in early August, it’s a bit like Forrest Gump,  and a box of chocolates, ……………….as you just don’t know what you are gonna get,  in terms of weather.   Such was the case when my friend’s son, Brett, married Aneta,  at Abbey Beach recently. One minute it was going to be ok, then forcast was rain, and so while they had planned to be married on the lawned area near the beach, they just could not take the risk, and instead were married in the heavily glassed sitting area next to the restaurant and bar.  And sometimes there is a silver lining, the Bride had wanted to be married in  church, but there was no way, the very down to earth, irreverent and cheeky country boy was ever going to be seen dead in a church.  But with the high glass formation forming a sort of cathedral feel, Aneta,  at least got part of what she had wished for. Plus Brett wanted his Aunty Vic to be the Celebrant, so there was no way getting away from that. Off course it did rain on and off all day, so they made the right choice.

abbey beach resort weddingEmilia, was the flower girl and started the procession of 5 beautiful bridesmaids, in royal blue, while Aneta, walked down the aisle to Brett, with “two Dads”.

Brett and the naughty groomsmen, two of which were his brother’s Daniel and Ryan,  in slightly grey suits, combined for one beautiful wedding.  And little Thomas was there to see his Mum and Dad marry in what was a very family orientated day. Best wishes you two from Aunty Vic.

By Victoria Wheeler – Wedding Celebrant

Congratulations to Kate & Brentan!

Real Wedding by Gem Events Management

This has to be one of my favourite weddings from last season!

The amazing location, lovely people, beautiful weather and a smooth flow of the afternoon you couldn’t be happier!

Kate and Brentan came to me with a wedding vision; they wanted to create something special, something unique that had their own flair and some personal freedom to do as they pleased.

This is when the task began.  We searched online and visited venues, looking for something suitable for what we wanted to create.  A marquee was the perfect idea, this is like working with a blank canvas, you can decorate & furnish it to look however you would like it to be!

We found the perfect venue, with accommodation too!  I then began booking the necessary items that come with having a marquee wedding as well as the other professionals that we need for every wedding.


  • Marquee – quotes for flooring, silks, lighting, tables, chairs, lounges, bar stools, linen
  • Caterers & staff
  • Portable toilets
  • Cool rooms
  • Decorator/florist
  • Hairdresser
  • Make up artist
  • Photographers
  • Band/DJ
  • Celebrant
  • Transport
  • Beverages & ice
  • Sufficient power supply
  • Car parking and access for buses

It all came together nicely and without any major hiccups.

All the professional people I recommended where people I thought would be suited to Kate and Brentans style and connect with them to make it easy and pleasant for everyone.

It was a huge success and a wonderful day!

Here are a few words from the couple:

Gem is the kind of woman that from the get go you will famously get along with, she is one step ahead in all of your idea’s. From little things that you have not considered she has already thought of them and got you quotes that will fit inside of your budget. She tirelessly gets the work done and never forgets the small little whim of idea’s that you may possess. This woman has a memory better than Einstein.

My husband and myself live in Perth and did a majority of our planning via emails and phone calls. Every time we made it down to Margaret River, Gemma would either meet us personally to update us on our progress or organise hair/makeup trails and the likes.

The week leading up to your wedding day so I have been told is meant to be a stressful week. I can happily say that we did not feel stressed at all because we knew Gem was on the case and would have every little wrinkle smoothed out.

Having Gemma there on the big day she worked very hard but seemed to make it appear effortlessly to make our dream wedding come true.

Without a doubt Gemma is a diamond that can help your wedding or event sparkle – she certainly did it for us and we are eternally grateful.

Plus she is just simply amazing.


Images by Lib and Katie

Real Wedding by Gem Events Management