Congratulations to Kate & Brentan!

Real Wedding by Gem Events Management

This has to be one of my favourite weddings from last season!

The amazing location, lovely people, beautiful weather and a smooth flow of the afternoon you couldn’t be happier!

Kate and Brentan came to me with a wedding vision; they wanted to create something special, something unique that had their own flair and some personal freedom to do as they pleased.

This is when the task began.  We searched online and visited venues, looking for something suitable for what we wanted to create.  A marquee was the perfect idea, this is like working with a blank canvas, you can decorate & furnish it to look however you would like it to be!

We found the perfect venue, with accommodation too!  I then began booking the necessary items that come with having a marquee wedding as well as the other professionals that we need for every wedding.


  • Marquee – quotes for flooring, silks, lighting, tables, chairs, lounges, bar stools, linen
  • Caterers & staff
  • Portable toilets
  • Cool rooms
  • Decorator/florist
  • Hairdresser
  • Make up artist
  • Photographers
  • Band/DJ
  • Celebrant
  • Transport
  • Beverages & ice
  • Sufficient power supply
  • Car parking and access for buses

It all came together nicely and without any major hiccups.

All the professional people I recommended where people I thought would be suited to Kate and Brentans style and connect with them to make it easy and pleasant for everyone.

It was a huge success and a wonderful day!

Here are a few words from the couple:

Gem is the kind of woman that from the get go you will famously get along with, she is one step ahead in all of your idea’s. From little things that you have not considered she has already thought of them and got you quotes that will fit inside of your budget. She tirelessly gets the work done and never forgets the small little whim of idea’s that you may possess. This woman has a memory better than Einstein.

My husband and myself live in Perth and did a majority of our planning via emails and phone calls. Every time we made it down to Margaret River, Gemma would either meet us personally to update us on our progress or organise hair/makeup trails and the likes.

The week leading up to your wedding day so I have been told is meant to be a stressful week. I can happily say that we did not feel stressed at all because we knew Gem was on the case and would have every little wrinkle smoothed out.

Having Gemma there on the big day she worked very hard but seemed to make it appear effortlessly to make our dream wedding come true.

Without a doubt Gemma is a diamond that can help your wedding or event sparkle – she certainly did it for us and we are eternally grateful.

Plus she is just simply amazing.


Images by Lib and Katie

Real Wedding by Gem Events Management