Photo Booth hire for your Margaret River Wedding is a great idea

Margaret River is a stunning location to choose to hold your wedding. From the gorgeous beaches, towering Karri trees, amazing wineries, to the magical caves and gardens. Where ever you choose in Margaret River you are guaranteed a stunning result. So why not extend the photographic  fun and variety to a photo booth at your wedding reception venue!

A photo booth can transform any quiet corner of your reception venue into a hub of laughter and excitement for your friends and family. It can bring guests together, break the ice, make photo sharing with guests easier, provide a great take-away for guests, and create a whole lot of fun and memories for the night.

A photo booth will take the entertainment at your wedding to the next level. And a good supplier will ensure that your guests walk away with a unique memento of your wedding in the form of personalised photo strips. You will also be able to keep a copy of all the photos taken on the night, get creative with fun themes, enjoy custom printing with your names on them, and even allow guests to insert their pictures into a guest book for you. There really are some amazing reasons to get on board with a photo booth for your Margaret River wedding.

Here you will find out some great reasons why photo booths in Margaret River are taking off, what you can expect from the services in the region, and to go about hiring a booth for your wedding day.

So why should you really hire a photo booth?

Variety is the spice of life

Photographers can sometimes be considered expensive if you are on a strict budget. So maybe you don’t need the photographer there the whole night? It might be more economical for you to let the photographer go home early after the formalities are over and let the guests have all the fun in the photo booth!

On another note, it can also be a great idea to have both a formal photographer to capture all the moments of the evening, and have the photo booth to catch all the candid and novelty fun that ensues. Why not get all angles of the evening recorded, after all it is your wedding day!

An ice breaker like no other

Weddings although very fun for guests, can start off a little stiff sometimes. Guests don’t know each other, the crowd is big, and there are many unknown faces around. The photo booth can be the perfect ice breaker for your crowd to loosen up early and get the celebrations started!

What better way to get chatting than whilst getting ready to step into a photo booth or getting together for a group shot with the other guests. There may be some new found friendships, new faces to names, and even new romances blossoming around the booth.

Our tip is have the booth set it up in a visible location for guests to see as soon as they arrive, then they won’t be able to resist the positive draw of the booth. The fun props and smiles will quickly replace any uncertainty and shyness amongst the crowd!

It’s a unique experience

Many couples use the opportunity of the photo booth to create a unique experience for their guests. They do this with props relating to their favourite things, themed props, fun dress ups, and even personalised props that take the guests through their dating history! After all, it’s all about celebrating the happy couple.

A great photo booth will also supply a range of backdrops, from the classically romantic to the fun and quirky, patterned, or natural backgrounds of the scenery at your Margaret River reception venue. You can also arrange for a green screen set up with your chosen supplier where you can insert just about anything you wish for your guests to pose in front of.

The hard evidence

A wedding photo booth gives your guests a wonderful gift to take with them from your wedding day. They get to keep their photo strips and do with them as they please. Most of the time they end up stuck with pride on guests’ fridges or carefully added to scrap books as a lasting reminder of a great day and night.

Guests can also be asked to leave a strip for the bride and groom in a guest book next to the photo booth. Many couples like to have this ready, with pens and blank spaces in the book for heart-felt messages to be written from guests. This is a great keepsake for the couple to look back on after the day is over.

Of course your prints will all have a customised ‘logo’ on them of your names and wedding date, or whatever else you would like to say and include.

Social social social

Social media is a large part of our lives whether you are deeply involved or not. Guests love to share photos and show their friends and followers what a wonderful time they are having at your wedding. You will likely have a steady stream of photos coming out of your wedding day.

What better way to harness this than with photo booth technology which allows guests to immediately upload photos taken from the booth. Many couples ask their guests to use a hashtag for photos also which is a great way to collate all the online images taken by the booth and by guests.

Embrace the social and technology elements and collect even more photos to remember your day with!

And so much fun!

Okay so one of the huge reasons our couples love wedding photo booths in Margaret River is the hours of fun they bring to the guests! You can get props involved, fun posing, and lots of laughter happening very quickly. What better way to embrace the celebration of your wedding day than with a fun-filled wedding photo booth experience. Your guests will love you for it.

Photo Booth Features

The latest trend in photo booths involves the ‘open booth’ which is, as the name states, open and not enclosed in an actual booth-like space. This means that more guests can fit into photos, more fun can be had, a greater variety of backgrounds is available, and larger and more exciting props can be used!

You will see these set up with a lovely draping background (or whatever you choose to have), with some props ready and to the side, and camera operator in front ready to take the fun wedding snaps.

The service of a common wedding photo booth begins with set up. All that is required from you is a small space and some access to power – meaning it can be set up inside or outside. It also includes a professional and skilled booth operator that will be with your from start to finish. And then concludes with a pack down of all the equipment.

Some couples like to have the booths set up outside in the warmer months and especially during the day time, so guests can enjoy the beautiful Margaret River surroundings. Others prefer the set up to be inside.

The most common background for weddings trending right now is a silver draping backdrop with themed props.

Photos are of course always supplied to the bride and groom post-event so you can see all of the wonderful pictures taken at your wedding. Setting up and packing down maximises the time of usage for guests as the booth is there on arrival and gone only after the guests leave. It’s not something that you will ever have to worry about on the day.

Most suppliers provide these features, upgrades or a combination of them:

  • Unlimited prints
  • Custom photo strips to match invites and themes
  • Props
  • Quality backgrounds, draping and scenes
  • Immediate social uploads
  • Customised frames
  • Magnetic backings
  • The fastest of DySub technology printers to help make for a seamless event

Rather than using a webcam style camera in the enclosed booths, an open booth has the advantage of the supplier taking photos with a professional DSLR camera. This provides a much higher quality image and also allows the photographer to get a little creative and get the best out of the guests.

So include something extra memorable and unique at your event for your guests. A professionally operated wedding photo booth will do the trick quite well!

How to hire a photo booth in Margaret River

So you have come this far and decided that a photo booth for you wedding is going to be perfect. Now what? Well we know that operators of photo booths in Margaret River are top notch. With plenty of variety to choose from – open or enclosed. Here are a few tips for choosing the right one for your wedding:

  • Ask questions – If you are not sure, don’t be shy to ask!
  • Make it clear what you expect
  • Decide on a time for set up and pack down
  • Tell the operator where you want the booth set up
  • Communicate with the supplier about the location – they might have suggestions to maximise the use of the photo booth
  • Decide on the theme, props and backgrounds
  • Ask them if they can supply a personalised print strip and finalise the design with them
  • Choose a hashtag and advise guests of it before the event

A professional photo booth operator will be aware of many of the locations in and around Margaret River. From Leewin Estate, to Wise Winery, Bunker Bay Resort, or Voyager Estate. This knowledge of the region means they will likely be able to suggest the perfect spot at your reception venue to set up the booth.

Photo booths will showcase your wedding day

What better way to capture all of those joyous and candid guest moment than with a professional photo booth. They can really add some fun and excitement and more activity to your wedding day. They are all professionally operated and offer a truly personalised way for your guests to remember your wedding day for many years to come.

People will be taking photos of your wedding day on their own smartphones all day and night long. However, these photos will disappear over time and fade of into cyberspace eventually after posting. Hashtags will help you collate these much easier. However, the benefit of having the photo booth means that all of the family and friends personalised photos will be collated in one easy way for you to keep forever on a USB post event.

Guests true personalities will shine, and you and your guests get to keep a memento of the day too in the form of photo strips. All of our operators also regularly keep up with the latest in wedding photo booth technology so you can rest assured that your wedding will be captured

Depending on what you want out of the booth, whether you just want a small setup in the corner, or a big festive booth for guests to go wild in – we are confident you will find a supplier amongst the Margaret River Wedding Directory photo booth operators. Don’t hesitate to take a browse now and contact one of our suppliers today about your Margaret River wedding photo booth like Spoilt Photo Booths or view our PhotoBooth Category

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