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Getting make up done for your wedding day is part of the amazing ritual of being a bride. One of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day is choosing who will have the honour of perfecting your look.  Your guests, family, friends, and your groom will remember you this way for the rest of your lives and you will be documented in every photo and video that will last a lifetime. Choosing the right make-up artist is vital.

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Before you start looking

Before you start making a list of potential make-up artists it is important to decide if you would like them to come to you or if you want to go to a salon or counter. This will help you decide if you need to look at freelance professionals or salons. Also decide if you want hair and make-up at the same place. These are all a matter of convenience for the bride and her bridal party depending on the locations available to you for getting ready.  Many make-up artists will offer bridal hair as a service also.

What to look for

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential choices there are some questions you should ask of them:

  • Ask to see to see their portfolio or look at their webpage for examples of work. This will help you see if they have a style which suits what you are looking for or if they have special skills you might want to try.
  • Ask them if they have any package deals for multiple bookings
  • Find out about prices and deposits
  • Ask them how long each make-up application will take so you can plan the rest of the day
  • Ask them what brands of make-up they use
  • Advise them of any allergies to products and if they have other make-up options or if you can perhaps provide your own if necessary.

Some make-up artists for example specialise in air-brush foundations which leave a photo-shopped finish on the skin.  Others may have a fantastic technique for eye make-up you have spotted and can show you how it looks on you or your bridal party.

Make-up trials

Most brides do a few trials before they find ‘the one’ that they will choose.  Trials are a great as they will give you a chance to meet the potential make-up artist, try looks, and make any necessary changes to colours or effects for the big day.  A trial will generally always costs less than the wedding day make-up.

Do not be discouraged if you have to have a few trials before you arrive at your choice, it is all part of the fun of wedding preparations and make-up is a very personal thing which you must be comfortable and happy with for your day. Contact as many artists as you feel you need to and ask as many questions as possible and you will be guaranteed to find one that fits.

When you go for your make-up trial, if you have in mind what you would like, be as specific as you can with the description to the artist.  The better you communicate across what you need, the happier you will be with the final result.  It is a great idea to take magazine clippings or save photos on your smart phone as examples.  Whilst the artist is doing your trial, stop and look at the make-up in front of a mirror a few times and ask them to make any adjustments until you are happy.  Take a picture and keep it for later.

Your make-up artist will usually spend some time with you at the trial getting an idea of your personality and listening to what you have envisioned for your day.  This is a sign of a good make-up artist.  She will then take into account your skin-tone, hair colour, and eye colour, along with any themes you have chose for the day and your personal style.  Be willing to listen to what the make-up artist has to suggest as she will consider all of these factors and suggest options to bring out your best features and style for your wedding day.

Make-up styles

There are few general styles of make-up many brides use for their wedding day and different styles go in and out of fashion.  Here are a few you may have already seen or be considering:

  • Vintage – which encompasses red lips, lace, and headwear
  • Glamorous – think Hollywood starlets with dramatic eyes and sparkle
  • Natural – very understated and soft look, natural waves for hair and using subtle colours for the face such as browns and pinks to enhance your natural features without taking over.
  • ‘Bridal’ look – this is the most popular look that brides choose. It sits between glamorous and natural, with greys and pastels for eyes, and pink lips with gorgeous wavy or lightly curled hair pinned in romantic styles.

Benefits of a professional

Hiring a professional make-up artist means hiring someone to take the responsibility off your shoulders and present you to the world looking the best you can.  They can offer techniques and skills which we don’t all have and suggest ideas and trends which we may not have thought of.  They will also make sure the make-up lasts all day long as they are used to working with brides and bridal parties.

Photography generally takes colour out of your complexion and a good make-up artist will know this and apply the right contouring effects and shades of make-up that will bring out your beauty and also photograph well. You will be able to sit back and relax on your wedding day knowing that you are in good hands and can enjoy every moment without a make-up worry.

A make-up artist will also be able to service your bridal party and make sure they all have that desirable uniform appearance.  You can also offer make-up to the mother-of-the-bride or mother-in-law-to-be and a little bit of gloss and natural shadow to involve the little flower girls faces is often common practice too.

On your wedding day, you are in the spot-light. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle and look into the eyes of your husband-to-be at the end.  Do not under-estimate the effects of great bridal make-up, it can create such a beautiful effect and it is your day to treat yourself and indulge in the rituals of being a bride.

On our website you can view Bridal Make Up Artist who service the Margaret River region.

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