Margaret River Wedding DJs

Hiring a great Margaret River Wedding DJ can go a long way in making your wedding reception a success. They do much more than just provide the music, the DJ plays a vital role in helping the reception run smoothly, creating a fun atmosphere for your guests, and of course, playing all the right music at the right time. Here’s a look at what an experienced wedding DJ brings to a wedding reception.

Wide choice of music to please you and control the crowd

For starters, a professional DJ will have access to a wide range of music so you can play the songs that you love, and also have access to different genres to suit the tastes of your guests. It’s not just about playing the music, the DJ mixes it to make sure there aren’t any ‘lulls’ in between songs and reads the crowd to play the right music to keep the fun going on the dance floor.

Keep the night flowing

Aside from playing the right music, a DJ that makes your reception a success knows how to play the right music at the right time to suit or set the mood. When you hire an experienced wedding DJ, you get someone who knows wedding schedules and how a reception proceeds. They’ve done it many times before, know how to work with other vendors and can be the key element in keeping your reception flowing.

Wedding DJs can MC too

A lot of DJ’s also MC the wedding reception. While playing the right music at the right time, they can pull everything together and take care of making announcements for all the important parts of the reception which may include announcing the arrival of the bridal party, introducing the speeches, announcing the first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throw and other traditions. Having someone who is familiar with the wedding schedule, is confident, and has a bit of personality and charisma to MC your event can make or break the vibe of the night.

Professional DJ equipment

A professional DJ will have professional equipment so the music sounds great and is set up specifically for your venue without the headache of any technical difficulties. Equipment can also include the microphone and speakers for the speeches. With a professional set up, you don’t need to worry about any awkward moments due to the equipment not working as it should.

Complete the atmosphere with lighting

To complete the atmosphere of the reception, many DJ’s also offer lighting – whether that be up-lighting, dance floor lighting, monograms or other decorative effects. Lighting can play a huge part in setting the atmosphere of the reception, and the right lighting will reflect the theme of your wedding and make the room look amazing too.

If you want entertainment at your reception that will make it a success, look to hire a professional wedding DJ in Margaret River who knows weddings, and can provide some great music while also keeping the night flowing in spectacular fashion.

You can view a list of Margaret River Wedding DJs on this website who service the area and surrounds in the South West.


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