Wedding day fun with a Margaret River photo booth hire

Are you organising a wedding in the beautiful Margaret River region of W.A.? Perhaps you’re looking for that unique touch that will have the wedding guests talking about the event for years to come. To give the event that touch of magic have you considered a Margaret River photo booth hire service?

Imagine the fun and laughter a photo booth will create at a wedding reception with guests able to leave messages to the bride and groom in the wedding reception book with their individual portraits?

I operate a photo booth service for weddings and ceremonies based in the Margaret River region which will provide you with that fun factor at a special discounted price. The photo booth provides instant photos of guests which can be kept as a memento of the occasion, or shared with people.

However my Margaret River photo booth hire service at Spoilt Photo Booths is not just suited to weddings. I am happy to provide photo booths / pods for school balls, corporate events, wedding anniversaries and special birthday events.

What you will get with the Margaret River photo booth hire package

  • A range of backdrops. When you hire my service you will get the choice of a number of backdrops and fun props should you wish to add that option.
  • Discounted price. I am currently offering a generous discount on this service that will be suited for every budget.
  • Professionally operated. I am a professional photographer and will set up and run the booth for your special event.
  • Latest in technology. My photo booth service has the latest technology and has the most up-to-date booths in the Perth region. Our software allows easy sharing of photos, including through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Artwork. You can choose from a variety of custome made prints to suit the occasion as well as pens and other decorative material for people to write their messages.

The Margaret River photo booth hire company at Spoilt Photo Booths is suited to anywhere where you have a gathering of people and want to create an instant and unique memory for the guests. Take advantage of my discounted photo booth to create that fantastic atmosphere at your next major gathering be it a wedding, a function, a birthday or with a crowd of friends. I am committed to helping you and your guests have a fun night with the extra entertainment of a photo booth or pod bound to break the ice and turn it into a memorable event.

You can also contact Spoilt Photo Booths for your Margaret River Photo Booth hire.

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