Wedding of Trevor and Katie in Margaret River

When I first met Trevor and Katie I knew I was in for a treat. They first visited our studio when they were looking for a wedding photographer to take their wedding photos in Margaret River. From the start I could see this was not going to be a “normal” wedding. The bride and groom had specifically chosen a location in Margaret River. The wedding location was set in the heart of an amazing forest environment with rolling hills all around you; the stunning trees formed a natural canopy all above you.

On the drive Down South it dawned on me that we will be having a bit of a ‘wet’ wedding. Being an outdoor wedding, professional photographers just have to work with what is presented on the day. Your experience and knowledge does assist you in making the most of what the weather throws at you.

The bride’s mother forgot her wedding dress and a Good Samaritan drove a 3 hour detour to go pick it up. Note to brides, make sure you have everything you might need when you have your wedding location in a remote area. It’s an amazing experience to have a wedding in Margaret River and I cannot tell you how excited we are on every wedding shoot we do in Margaret River.

The wedding took place between some of the biggest trees and forest area I have ever seen in WA. The overcast weather assisted us in getting amazing light and before I could hear ‘I DO’, I had already shot 1800 photos! Yay, only very light rain! Being in such natural surroundings, there were just so many options. All I can say is even through I cannot show you all the beautiful wedding photos we took in Margaret River, it was truly an amazing experience.

This will be one of the most memorable weddings for me. Just to name a few, the bridge incident, the bride sliding down the Fireman’s pipe, the fireworks display, the local band and the party I stayed at till 3am! Truly an amazing wedding, wedding couple and location.

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